Rattlesnake Proof Fencing Products & Installation Services

snake proof fencing

Animex™ Premium Snake Fencing

  • Maximum Protection – 54-inch height (AMX R54P)
  • Low-Profile – 42-inch height (AMX R42P)
  • Carbon black, 2.0mm thick, UV stabilized
  • 1/8-inch drainage perforations
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE-2
  • Eco-friendly
  • Anti-climb technology
  • Multi-species suitability
  • 15-year lifespan
  • Made in the USA

Traditional Snake Fencing

  • Hardware Cloth, 36 or 48-inch height options
  • ¼-inch openings (4 per square inch)
  • 23 gauge wire mesh
  • Woven or welded wire mesh
  • Electro-galvanized or black PVC coated
  • Calendering for flattened knuckles & smoother surface
  • Near-invisible aesthetic (25% open area)
  • Allows maximum water flow
  • 10+ year lifespan
  • Made in the USA


We provide professional snake fencing installation of Animex™ Premium Snake Fence and traditional snake fencing by our licensed, insured, and bonded fencing contractors.

  • Free consultations
  • Property inspections to identify snake habitat, key features, and access points
  • Provide property-specific snake exclusion fencing plans
  • Vegetation maintenance service plans
  • Inspection and maintenance service plans
  • Rattlesnake education and training

Associative Services

We work with snake removal professionals and non-profit organizations to provide a network of services associated with snake identification, removal, education, venomous snake handling, and pet training.

  • Save the Snakes 501(c)(3) conservation organization
  • Snake Conservation Center located in Sacramento
  • Human-Snake conflict reduction programs
  • Snake research and grant programs
  • Snake educator resources
  • Reputable snake removal companies and individuals

Animex™ Premium Snake Fencing

We offer the finest rattlesnake proof fencing for sale. We are the exclusive supplier of Animex™ Premium Snake Fencing; the best snake fencing solution on the market. The Animex™ product line was designed by wildlife biologists to exclude protected and endangered wildlife species from construction sites, roadways, and other unsafe areas that result in wildlife mortalities.

Respected Expertise

Clients include Stanford University, San Diego Zoo, Texas A&M University, Caltrans, California High Speed Rail, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Animex snake fencing installation

100% HDPE-2 recycled material

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE-2, your recycled milk jugs are repurposed to provide an eco-friendly safeguard.

Animex™ Premium Snake Fencing is a solid material with a smooth, unclimbable surface that provides a physical and behavioral deterrent. Studies have shown that wildlife spend less time at solid barriers compared to mesh fencing alternatives. That means rattlesnakes make fewer attempts to climb under, over, or around your fence and onto your property. This provides the highest level of protection for your family, friends, and pets, and gives you peace of mind.

Providing licensed rattlesnake proof fencing products and installation for sale in the greater Sacramento area.

Based out of El Dorado Hills serving the surrounding communities including Grass Valley, Auburn, Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, Placerville, Diamond Springs, Pollock Pines, Elk Grove and Jackson in Northern California's Sierra Nevada foothills.